Food Incubator for Virginia's Culinary Entreprenuers


So you have a great idea. Maybe you are a professional chef or maybe you just have a recipe you know will take the industry by storm. Now what?

Starting a food business starts with a great idea but takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it a reality. If you go it on your own, it is also risky and expensive. The equipment, the kitchen, the regulations, the administration and, oh yeah, how do your customers find you?

But what if it wasn't? What if you had a guide? What if there was someone to help find you customers and walk you through the regulations?

Frontier Kitchen is a business incubator for the culinary industry; we are a company dedicated to making your new food business a success. We provide the tools, the support and opportunities to put you in front of customers. We don't run your business for you, but we help you realize your dreams.

And when all of us realize our dreams, we impact our communities in limitless ways--more jobs, more unique products and inspiration for others.

So, its time to set off and explore your ideas and influence your community. Frontier Kitchen. Boundless Dreams. Limitless Impact.



More than just a kitchen.


Frontier Kitchen is a business incubator for the culinary world--we provide great facilities, but the less tangible business items are just as important.  We have the expertise you need in understanding proper certifications, assistance with finding customers and help finding business training you need to succeed. 
We do not cook--we leave that to you.  We offer top notch facilities and the expertise to grow you business.




Food Artists

Our caterers are food artists working with a variety of mediums--vegetables, chicken, meat and spices.  Frontier Kitchen has what you need to be that artist.  Would you like to be one of our artists? Click here. Would you like to use one of our artists for your event? Click Here.


Pastry Perfection

Perfect pies.  Colossal Cakes. Cutest Cupcakes.  Delicious Danish.  Are you ready to join our tremendous team?  Our bakers excel at from-scratch, fresh recipes. Would you like to be one of our bakers?  Click here.  Would you like to use one of our bakers for your party? Click Here.


Food Trucks

Depot services

Most food trucks cook on the truck, but they need a depot--somewhere safe to clean, sanitize and keep food.  In addition to being a health department requirement, Food Trucks who reliably use a depot are known to be cleaner and safer to buy from for your customers.  Also, you can order your supplies from the least expensive wholesalers and allow FK staff to take your deliveries while you are working.  So you are making money and we are saving you from running around town.  Want a food truck for your event?  Click Here.    

Food Products

New on the market

Whether your specialty is jerky, nuts, juice or your grandma's secret cookie recipe, we offer what you need to produce your products for sale.  Have custom equipment?  We have room in our kitchens for you to bring in your own, too.  Want to see what is cooking in Frontier Kitchen?  Click Here.

Two Locations.  Endless Possibilities.


Our facilities are designed to provide what you need for your business to grow.  We supply equipment, pots, pans and storage space.  You book your workstation time on our online calendar and come in at your convenience--our facility is 24/7/365 for members.

Frontier Kitchen is growing throughout Northern Virginia and has two locations to serve you.  


Frontier Kitchen Haymarket

Frontier Kitchen Haymarket

Our Haymarket location serves the I-66 corridor and has huge production and cold storage capabilities. Situated in a 1930s era converted school, the location has charm and is a fixture in the community. The kitchen has been renovated with state-of-art ovens, mixers, and much, much more.  

Frontier Kitchen Lorton

Frontier Kitchen Lorton

Our Lorton location is perfect for anyone along the I-95 corridor.  Built in 2015 with new equipment and state of the art venting systems, it is ideally located just south of the Beltway, it sits right next to Ft. Belvior and is easy access to Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and locations south.


Businesses are like children.  They start small but with work, dedication and passion they grow. We are here for serious entrepreneurs who are ready to put in that work and passion, even if you start small.  

We have two types of workstation set-ups--one for bakers (tables, mixers, large ovens) and another for caterer-types (tables, stoves, ovens, grease hoods).  We provide all the big basics--pots, pans, equipment, carts.  You bring your small wares and equipment specific to your needs. 

·        Full-time: you are really serious and ready to dedicate to your business 100%.  You have 24/7 access to the kitchen.   You need minimal assistance or training in managing your business but need to produce.  A lot.  You’ve got this.  $950/mo

·        Part-time: business is growing, and you have no problem being a night owl.  You can use some leads but you have a good plan and implementation is taking hold.  You come in to work 6pm-7am M-F and/or all day Saturday and Sunday.  $650/mo

·        Food Truck: Just need the depot services (parking and cleaning) and a bit of storage (2 shelves included) with everything else covered on the truck.  $500.00   

Our membership rates are designed to best fit your company's needs.  Contact us today to find out more.