Foundations by Frontier Kitchen

So you have a great idea and you have always wanted to start your own business. Maybe you are a professional chef or maybe you just have a recipe you know will take the industry by storm. By now you have been researching and putting together your plan...and you are probably finding contradictory information.  There is a lot of untested and unwise advise on the where do you start?

Foundations teaches you all the fundamental skills and tools you need to start a food business.  During the course you will become certified in Food Safety Management and obtain your appropriate regulatory licenses to operate your business.  Then, you will learn all the fundamental skills of being a business owner as you actually BECOME a business owner.

Nothing theoretical start your business and we walk you through all the steps.   The course is small because you will be getting the best one-on-one consulting for YOUR COMPANY.  

You learn from experts in the field...people who have done this before you.  With over 35 years of experience in business and food, not only have we walked the walk with our own food companies (and other companies) we have experienced exactly how our members companies are succeeding (and not) in the current food environment.  We also bring in experts from the community--accountants, bankers, graphic artists and more--to help you get the best information and experience for your business.

Foundations is one of very few in-person food business training programs in the United States. ALL Food businesses come with unique challenges.  Foundations takes you through the start up phase so you don't have to do it alone!  In 12 weeks you will have all the skills and knowledge you need to decide if you want to pursue your business—and experience and mentors to give you the best chance for success.

The Foundations curriculum includes:

Week 1: Regulatory requirements, kitchen training and ServSafe Food Safety Managers Certification

Week 2: Costing, pricing and sourcing ingredients.  Retail vs. Wholesale and how to determine margins

Week 3 &4: Sales and Marketing; Finding and convincing your customers to buy

Week 5: Financials and Accounting basics

Week 6: Leadership and business networking

Week 7: Employees, Operating Procedures and Financial Projections

Week 8: Securing Capital

Week 9: Completing your Business Plan

Week 10: Presenting your company

Week 11: Presenting your company for opportunities and funding

Week 12: Graduation!

Included in the training is part-time membership and two ingredient storage shelves in Frontier Kitchen, giving you the ability to create and start selling your products even as you learn.  You will be selling while you learn with coaches on hand for your first time in front of customers.  At the end of training, you will have a plan to move your company into successful production and be prepared to pitch for working capital.   

Cost of the ENTIRE 12 week program is $4999 per student.  Financial assistance may be available.  Fill out an application below to get an appointment to meet with us! 

Just some of the products and activities from our Foundations members!